Volkswagen Touareg II Facelift Four.Two AT (360 HP) 4WD

Brand Volkswagen
Monster Touareg
Years 2014 –
Engine Four.Two AT (360 HP) 4WD
Bod Type SUV

This is the Touareg II Facelift, one of the cars brand Volkswagen. The Volkswagen Touareg II Facelift produced since 2014 – . This is a Five doorheen SUV. The car has a 4172 cm3 engine, with 8 cylinders, that generates 264 kW 360 HP of power and develops torque 500/4000 N*m/rpm. The car has a top speed of 245 km/h  153 MPH, and 100 km / h mark ter 6,Five s seconds. The average fuel consumption for car is 11,Four l l/100km   of A-95.

General Information

Years 2014 –
Brand Volkswagen
Engine Four.Two AT (360 HP) 4WD
Figure Type SUV
Prototype Touareg II Facelift
Doors Five
Seats Five

Bod Features

Length 4801 mm
Width 1940 mm
Height 1709 mm
Wheelbase 2893 mm
Weight 2150 kg
Max Weight 2850 kg
Boot capacity 1642 l

Engine, Transmission

Engine 4172 cm3
Engine Power kW 264 kW
Engine Power HP 360 HP
Torque 500/4000 N*m/rpm
Fuel supply system Injection
Number of cylinders 8
Middellijn of cylinder 84,Five mm
Number of valves vanaf cylinder Five
Number of gears 8
Fuel A-95
Fuel waterreservoir capacity 85 liter 22 gallons
ECO standard Euro Five


Six pack
Vooraanzicht brakes
Rear brakes
Tires 235/65 R17

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